The General Sir John Monash Scholars Podcast featuring Hannah Barber

M&C Partners | 22 September, 2020

The Scholars podcast is a show featuring scholars from the General Sir John Monash Foundation. Host Justin Kelly interviews the best, brightest, boldest and bravest across all fields of academia, business, science, humanities, and the arts. On today’s episode, Justin interviews childhood development specialist Hannah Barber.

Hannah is an early childhood development specialist with international experience in developing and implementing innovative strategies to achieve breakthrough outcomes for children and families. She has expertise in applying cutting edge insights from the science of early childhood development, framing, adult learning, social enterprise and scaling research to rethink and redesign programs and policies.

Hannah is currently working with the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, a world renowned R&D platform that uses the latest scientific insights to improve the life outcomes of children facing adversity. In this role, Hannah works with a range of national and international innovators, including policy makers, system leaders, practitioners and social entrepreneurs to design, test and scale their work.

Upon returning to Australia, Hannah hopes to be able to use these insights to drive systemic change across the early childhood policy and practice landscape to ultimately improve learning, health and behavioural outcomes for the next generation.

Hannah holds a BA in Politics and International Studies, a Master of Teaching from the University of Melbourne, and a Master of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Hannah’s career objective is to work with impact-oriented organisations that seek to transform and lead the field of early childhood in Australia into a new era.

In this episode, Hannah chats with Justin about what it’s like working at Harvard University, the potential impact COVID-19 is having on young kids, and more.