The General Sir John Monash Scholars Podcast featuring Zulpha Styer

M&C Partners | 12 October, 2020

The Scholars podcast is a show featuring scholars from the General Sir John Monash Foundation. Host Justin Kelly interviews the best, brightest, boldest and bravest across all fields of academia, business, science, humanities, and the arts. On today’s episode, Justin interviews public policy expert Zulpha Styer.

Zulpha has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New South Wales, a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and a Master of Laws from the Australian National University. She sits on the Multicultural NSW Regional Advisory Council for South West Sydney and has worked in the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department, and NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. Zulpha has more than five years of experience working as a policy advisor to Australian governments and was awarded an Australia Day Achievement Medallion in 2015. Zulpha just completed a Masters of Public Administration, with a focus on government relations with minority communities and social cohesion. She completed the last few units in Sydney after leaving the US in March because of COVID-19.

In this episode, Zulpha chats with Justin about what drew her to a career in public policy, what it was like studying a Masters of Public Administration at Columbia University, how she abruptly had to leave the US earlier this year because of COVID-19, and more.