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Media Relations

Media & Capital Partners has unparalleled experience and insight into the way traditional and new forms of media operate.

Our expertise lies in assisting ASX-listed companies with corporate and financial communications, and helping start up businesses, scale ups, private companies, government agencies and individuals stand out from the crowd.

With many of our team having a background in journalism, we know what it’s like to work in modern newsrooms and understand how to craft your messaging into a newsworthy angle.

With the right media strategy, we connect your business with the best possible channels and earn media coverage that makes your brand the envy of the industry.

Investor Relations

Our experienced investor relations team provides strategic and corporate advice to emerging ASX companies.

We harness our extensive financial markets experience to develop strategies and programs to build investor awareness and maximise our clients’ profile through effective investor communications, highly targeted roadshows and broker introductions.

We help clients identify and secure the right advisor ahead of a transaction, provide pre and post IPO promotional strategies, communication strategies for corporate transactions, including M&A and capital raisings and identify the optimum timing and messaging to maximise news flow and undertake transactions.

Content Creation

We have the perfect blend of former journalists, content specialists and communications pros that combine to generate high-value content that drives action. From media materials, ASX-compliant releases, whitepapers and lead generation content to social ad copy and branded publications, the quality content that we produce is what will translate your message effectively across different mediums and platforms.

But we don’t just specialise in the written word. Video and podcast content are becoming some of the top ways to engage with the public and we’re focused on producing content that is both engaging and cost effective.

Social Media

We work to demystify the process of communicating with your followers and help your online presence flourish.

We are experts at digital strategy and know how to connect with customers in meaningful ways, and track what’s working best for your business, by curating tailored social media programs to help take the guesswork out of brand building and communicating with your investors and audiences.

Media Training

It’s your time to shine. You’ve done the hard yards and scored a top tier media interview. But what happens when the reporter asks something unexpected? Are you prepared to handle the tough questions? Are you sure you’ll be able to stay on message once the cameras are live?

Every interview is unique. Whether you’re on the phone or live on set, perfecting your media techniques requires practice. Even those who are lucky enough to be a ‘natural’ at interviewing do better when they know exactly what to expect during an interview or presentation.

If you want to communicate in a way that gets heads nodding in agreement, we provide expert coaching in media communications, presentation and public speaking so you’re always ready for your big break.

Issues Management

Informed, nuanced, timely – how you communicate is critical, especially when things don’t go according to plan. Every business faces a crisis at one point or another. The only difference is how well they handle it and whether the event leaves a lasting negative impact on the brand.

With the fast pace of marketing and communications today, a message can quickly spiral out of control. That’s why it is more important than ever to have a calm, experienced team on your side.

At Media & Capital Partners, we have dealt with anything and everything. We help our clients effectively mitigate and regain control over issues and disputes, providing superb reputation management when it matters most.

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